25 July 2008


I have been quite the derelict blogger in the past few months, mostly for lack of anything interesting or entertaining to say. Aquiring a new blog does not signal my intention to hop back on the blogging bandwagon, despite my every wish to be a better, more interesting blogger.

What it does signal is my desire to consolidate my internet prescence. I have now, with this blog post, consolidated my blog, email, youtube, and more accounts under one username and password. What's more: unlike email addresses in high school and earlier, the username is something I need not be bashful for putting on resumes. "joshuaDOTakDOTthompsonATgmailDOTcom" High five!

So. Here is my new blog. Clicking this link will bring you to a cathedral for creativity, empty but for promise. Potential is the decoration of it's vaulted ceiling.