30 June 2008

Bitesized Tidbits

I Love:

When customers ask me if my cash is open, even when my light is off, I'm putting money in a sack, and there is a metal gate barring them from coming near my cash.

When people ask me if I am working in Seasonal when I have to pass it to get to Cash # 10. "Yes, I do work in seasonal. I just carry this huge metal tray of money with me everywhere I go because it's more convenient than a wallet.

When customers urge me to get a University education.

When engineers urge me to get a University education that isn't Philosophy.

When in the run of a day my ambitions in life range from becoming a World-Famous Author, to becoming a Hooter's Waitress.

Realizing that (off paper), my paycheck doesn't look so huge.

Midnight Stir-fry (this one isn't actually sarcastic)*

* - Note: It isn't midnight yet. "Midnight Stirfry" just sounds better than "Eleven-thirty P.M. Stirfry."


Meagan said...

You have my sympathies.

At least you're safe from the old men in cowboy hats making the "If I was a few years younger . . . " comments. I hope.

Sherry said...

A Hooter's Waitress? =P
And I know the feeling about the people asking if you're open.
The other day, I was serving a few people, and this woman went to the other cash (which was closed), and just waited. After 5 minutes I looked at her, and was thinking how she did't see the sign in front of her saying that cash was closed, as well as I was the only person there, and was at the OTHER cash.